Drag racing set!!!

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Drag racing set!!!

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:32 am

Long weekend offer!!!

Top range drag racing service kit for €99,99!!!

4L of ester based Motul 10w40 300v racing oil


4 x Genuine Brisk Iridium racing spark plugs


Iridium is 6 x harder / 8 x stronger / 1200 degrees higher melting point than platinum...

- power focus - spark exactly in the focal point of the reflector
- lower required supplied ignition voltage
- optimized diameter center and cut back ground electrode
- less quenching
- better A/F mixture access = more power
- ability to ignite lean mixtures and difficult to ignite fuels
- high pressure, high output race engines
- turbo / supercharged / nitrous
- good resistance to fouling and easier starts. 


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